Secretary of State John Kerry aggressively defended the Iran deal against the continuous criticisms of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reported the Huffington Post. Netanyahu and Republicans have fought the Iran negotiations since day one.

Kerry lambasted Netanyahu’s insane 2012 address to the United Nations (UN) when he drew a cartoon-like picture of a bomb while urging world leaders to draw a “red line” for Iran. “We’ve seen the Prime Minister draw a cartoon of a bomb at the U.N. and so on and so forth,” he said. “But what’s happened? What has anyone done about it? Anybody got a plan to roll it back?”

Before the deal, Kerry said that Israel started with a “two-month breakout time,” referring to the amount of time that Iran could have fueled a nuclear weapon. With the deal, Israel enjoys a one-year breakout time. Frustrated with Netanyahu’s bullheadedness, Kerry again fired off on the prime minister. “With this agreement, for ten years, the breakout time will be one year or more,” said Kerry. “Let me ask you a very simple question: Is Israel safer with a one-year breakout time or a two-month breakout time?”

Netanyahu and Republicans have harshly criticized the Iran nuclear deal as a “historic mistake” but have yet to offer up an alternative solution that isn’t all-out war, which is what the deal intends to prevent. Even the United Nations Security Council endorsed the Iran nuclear deal. Backing out of the deal would increase the likelihood of a military conflict with Iran, said Kerry.

As Kerry also noted, if Russia, China, France, and Germany are willing to come to the table and negotiate a deal with Iran, then why not America? Sensibly, Kerry and the White House want to prevent war. The Republicans and Netanyahu seem to yearn for it.