The Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative (WCMC) launched a petition urging President Obama and the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) to reopen an investigation regarding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) alleged violation of state election laws.

Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court dismissed an investigation into whether Gov. Walker violated the law during the 2012 recall election. It was later exposed that the four state Supreme Court justices who voted for the case to be dismissed also received campaign funds from the same business groups that Walker was suspected of coordinating with during the recall. The Court also ruled that all evidence related to the case be destroyed.

The WCMC noted that 76 percent of Wisconsin residents polled believe that the case should not have been dismissed. The group also said the Supreme Court’s decision creates a dangerous precedent to allow illegal election activities. ”This ruling has national consequences, as it sets a precedent for other state Supreme Courts to give a free pass to politicians (regardless of whether they’re Democrats or Republicans) who become embroiled in corruption scandals,” said the WCMC.

Walker reeks of political corruption inside and out. Just follow the money. It’s suspicious that the same groups that Walker may have worked with are the same groups that contributed to the justices who dismissed the case. Corporations rule in Wisconsin.

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