It’s hard to believe that Jeb is being sold as the more moderate Bush. He’s just come off of the backlash from claiming that Americans need to be ready to work more, and now he’s criticizing Hillary Clinton for wanting to give workers “benefits and stuff.”

Here’s Jeb saying that Americans need to work until they’re much older.

Here he is explaining that he thinks workers really aren’t pulling there load and that they need to work more.

And here he is trying to attack Hillary Clinton about benefits.

Bush completely ignores that America does a really poor job of making sure that workers get those “benefits and stuff.” We’re vastly behind most of the civilized world when it comes to providing for maternity/paternity leave. Vacation time routinely goes completely unused and the issuance and use of sick leave in America could be a whole lot better.

America does need to do a better job of making sure its workers get those “benefits and stuff.”