The Cook Political Report predicted that television ad spending during the 2016 elections will reach $4.4 billion, reported CBS News. The devastating Citizens United decision has much to do with that estimation. However, there are some variables that could hopefully lower spending overall.

According to the report, if the Republican primary goes beyond March 2016, then candidates are less inclined to spend large amounts in individual states. “If Republican candidates run out the primary until June, we have lost the opportunity to max out revenue,” said Scripps Vice President Michael O’Brien.

For the Democrats, enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton among big donors could also be a factor. The report noted that if “Democratic billionaires don’t bring their A-game,” then overall spending could decrease. Despite all the things that could decrease spending, Citizens United provides a means to generate big money this election season. An estimated $500 million is reported to be a “product” of Citizens United.

Presidential campaign spending has steadily increased over the last 20 years. After the Supreme Court ruled on Citizens United in 2010, presidential campaign spending skyrocketed, creating an overbearing corporate influence on elections.