Donald Trump, a staunch Republican, hasn’t always been so hard on Democrats. In 2004, Trump explicitly stated that Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans, reported Addicting Info. Trump also noted that history proves how the economy suffers during Republican administrations. “We’ve had some pretty bad disasters” with Republican presidents, he said. Trump also told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “in many cases I would identify more as a Democrat.”

Six years later, Blitzer asked Trump if he agreed that Obama’s policies saved the country from another depression like that of the ‘20s. “Well, I do agree, and this [recession] did start prior to him getting there,” said Trump. “You had to do something to sure up the banks, because the psychology of the banks and you would have had a run on every bank, the strongest and the weakest. So, you have to do something. And I hated the ultra-conservative view on that. And ultra-conservative is ‘nothing should ever happen.’ If they go out of business, everybody said, that’s fine.”

Trump has made quite a transition from supporting Obama and the Democrats to becoming a racist, war-hawking neo-conservative.