Fox News created a monster with its coverage of Donald Trump’s ridiculous antics, reported AlterNet. It’s gotten so bad that not even Rupert Murdoch can rein in the network.

After Roger Ailes took over as CEO of Fox News, Murdoch has been unsuccessful at controlling the network’s continuous coverage of Trump. Ailes is responsible for Fox News’ defense of Trump’s racist, outrageous comments, and the network praised Trump when he gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham’s phone number on national television. Fox News’ overzealous coverage of Trump is a huge reason why he’s leading in the GOP polls.

Close to Trump’s announcement, he called Fox News “one of the great geniuses in television history.” In June, Trump appeared on Fox News 10 times and got 1 hour and 48 minutes of free airtime. In the midst of Trump’s media circus, Murdoch reportedly contacted Ailes to have the network “back off the Trump coverage.” Obviously, that didn’t work because Trump’s face is still all over Fox News.

Rupert Murdoch is the most powerful media mogul in the world. His inability to quell the Trump media storm at Fox News is a bad sign.

Murdoch sent the following tweet regarding Donald Trump.