Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush delivered a speech in Tallahassee, Florida in which he denounced the influence of corporate lobbying, reported International Business Times (IBT). However, the event itself was organized by a corporate lobbying group that’s contributing to Bush’s presidential campaign.

Bush said that corporate lobbying groups “unduly shape public policy” and that he refused to “go along with that establishment.” The Florida Chamber of Commerce, a private lobbying group for state businesses, planned the event, according to emails obtained by the IBT. The Florida Chamber has donated thousands of dollars to the Right to Rise super PAC, which financially backs candidate Bush.

The Florida Chamber organized the event, and Bush’s campaign tried to hide the Chamber’s involvement. Two officials at Florida State University, where the event was held, said that the Chamber organized Bush’s event. That assertion was confirmed by the emails obtained by the IBT from university officials.

“This will be a Florida Chamber event,” wrote Florida Chamber of Commerce economic development aide Carolyn Johnson to FSU officials. “However, Jeb Bush’s team has requested to pay the invoice and be the name on the contract. This is to avoid any legal gray areas.”

Since 2013, the Florida Chamber has spent approximately $5.6 million swaying state elections in favor of Republican candidates. It appears the Republicans have stolen the anti-lobbying narrative from progressives to bolster their campaigns because they know the public disapproves of money in politics. This is an attempt to win votes, not facilitate better government.

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