Four Wisconsin Supreme Court judges dismissed an investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker (R) violated election laws during his 2012 gubernatorial campaign and ordered that all evidence be destroyed, reported The justices who killed the investigation received campaign funds from the same groups that Walker was suspected of coordinating with.

Walker was accused of coordinating with conservative and business advocacy groups during the 2012 recall elections. The Wisconsin Club for Growth, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, and Citizens for a Strong America supported Walker and fought the recall. It’s illegal for an elected official like Walker to coordinate with such groups. These groups also contributed considerable amounts of money to the four justices who voted to quell the investigation.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth contributed $400,000 to Justice Annette Ziegler in 2007; $507,000 to Justice Michael Gableman in 2008; $520,000 to Justice David Prosser in 2011; and $350,000 to Justice Patience Roggensack in 2013, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (WDC).

Big political money got Walker elected, and it also squashed an investigation set to determine if he broke the law.

Walker is no stranger to dealing with dark money. Watch our commentary on how it will affect his 2016 hopes: