Pete Lanteri, former Marine and the organizer of “Counter Jade Helm,” the volunteer surveillance keeping tabs on the military training exercise known as “Jade Helm 15,” is also a violent racist, reported Talking Points Memo.

Lanteri’s Facebook page is loaded with bigoted, hateful posts about killing black people, “commies,” Muslims, and his desire to “kill thousands of [liberal] fucks.” One post is a photo of people burning the American flag, and he wrote that it’s “time to machine gun these scumbags.” Another is a photo of Michael Brown’s grave. Above it, Lanteri wrote “when his smile ended, mine started.”

During an interview, Fox News Radio’s Alan Colmes asked Lanteri about his Facebook page. Lanteri backpedalled and said he doesn’t actually think what he writes.

“I tend to write something before I think, and a lot of people do that,” said Lanteri about his post calling liberals “useless fucking Americans.” Colmes then asked about the post describing Lanteri’s desire to kill a thousand people. I’m a “Sicilian hothead from the Bronx,” said Lanteri. “I admit I wrote it and I admit it was stupid. And guess what? I get hotheaded at times.”

Here are some screenshots of Lanteri’s insane Facebook page.