A Tennessee man died from an apparent asthma attack after being hogtied and placed facedown on a stretcher by Mississippi police, reported the Huffington Post.

Witnesses said they heard the victim, Troy Goode of Cordova, Tennessee, tell the officers that he couldn’t breathe. Despite Goode’s cries for help, the officers ignored him. Goode later died. Goode was a 30-year-old, married father and a chemical engineer.

Goode and his wife were leaving a concert venue in Southaven, Mississippi when he, while intoxicated, got out of the vehicle his wife was driving and began “acting erratically,” said attorney Tim Edwards. Goode was arrested for disorderly conduct. The police hogtied Goode and placed him facedown on the stretcher of a responding ambulance.

Goode may have been drunk and acting out, but that happens. It’s no excuse for officers to hogtie this man, who was obviously non-threatening, and allow him to die in their custody.

Witnesses filmed Goode being wheeled to the ambulance still hogtied. Watch.