Someone on Capitol Hill had to say it. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a jackass. However, when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said it, Trump responded by giving out Graham’s personal phone number on national television, reported CBS News.

“This guy, Lindsey Graham, so he calls me a jackass this morning,” said Trump during a campaign stop in Bluffton, South Carolina. “And I said to myself, ‘You know, it’s amazing. He doesn’t seem like a very bright guy, okay? He actually probably seems to me not as bright honestly as Rick Perry. I think Rick Perry is probably smarter than Lindsey Graham, but what do I know?”

After that statement, Trump pulled out a piece of paper with Graham’s phone number written on it. “Give it a shot,” Trump said, urging the audience to call. “Your local politician, you know? He won’t fix anything but at least he’ll talk to you.”

Both Trump and Graham are acting like middle-schoolers. And it’s still hard to believe that Trump is a serious candidate. He’s getting a lot of media attention. Considering stunts like this, attention is likely his only goal.