Federal scientists have reported that this past June was the hottest June on record globally. This is just one more in a series of hottest months on record this year. Yet, the many conservatives still refuse to acknowledge the effect of man on global warming.

The report came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Around the world, the average temperature for June was 61.48 degrees Fahrenheit. The previous record was 61.26 and it was set last year, marking a 0.22 degree increase. March and May of this year also set records for their highest temperatures on record with the entire first half of 2015 marking the hottest first half of a year on record since 1880, when recording began.

All of this mounting evidence of the earth continuing to get hotter and hotter and, yet, Republicans continue to go around with their heads in the sand, ignoring the science.

We’re screwed.