Evangelical Christian and former pastor Joshua Feuerstein posted a video on Facebook claiming that denying same-sex rights is protected by the First Amendment. He also said Christians should take up arms against the government’s protection of same-sex rights.

Feuerstein said that pastors are protected by the First Amendment to refuse the constitutional right of same-sex couples’ ability to marry. “They’re coming after our First Amendment constitutional rights,” said Feuerstein.

“Well, check this out,” he continued. “This is one pastor that will not bow. Why? Because my First Amendment right is guaranteed by my Second Amendment right.” Feuerstein then pulled what appeared to be a semi-automatic assault from his lap into the camera frame. At one point, he mentioned a lawsuit filed by a man to have the word “homosexuality” removed from the Bible to fuel his tirade.That lawsuit was dismissed in 2008.

Christians are talking about armed rebellion against the government because same-sex marriage is federally protected. Talk about an overreaction.