This weekend, Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker said that he would be ready to take military action against Iran on day one. It’s a bold statement from a political hot-head who is never going to see the inside of the oval office, at least not without receiving an invitation from the man or woman who works there first.

Walker said that on day one he would “terminate” the Obama nuclear deal with Iran.  He made the statement Saturday during a Q&A with reporters at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. Jeb Bush had addressed Walker’s ridiculous idea.

“One thing that I won’t do is just say, as a candidate, ‘I’m going to tear up the agreement on my first day,'” said Bush last week. “That’s great, that sounds great, but maybe you ought to check in with your allies first, maybe you ought to appoint a secretary of state, maybe secretary of defense, you might want to have your team in place, because you take an act like that.”

Walker was unswayed by Bush’s criticism.

“He may have his opinion. I believe that a president shouldn’t wait to act until they put a cabinet together or an extended period of time, I believe they should be prepared to act on the very first day they take office,” Walker said. “It’s very possible, God forbid that this would happen, but very possible, that the next president could be called to take aggressive actions, including military actions, on their very first day in office.”












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