Huffington Post, we need to talk. There was a time when you carried the weight of the online journalism world on your shoulders. There was a time when you provided hard-hitting and insightful criticism on the issues of the day. Those days are long gone and now we can only hope to find whatever the latest bit of tabloid fodder is that is rolling across your front page. It’s like you’ve become a personal journal for the Kardashian’s lives. Hardly a day goes by that they aren’t in at least one of your headlines.

What happened to you? Did you decide that it was time to kick back, take it easy, start phoning it in? Instead of providing your readers with thoughtful articles and considered editorials, you would provide us with a never-ending stream of what Kim and Kylie are wearing (or not wearing) today?

We’ve had enough, Huffington Post. For God’s sake, we’ve had enough. Stop with the constant barrage of selfies, and instagrams, and who wears whatevers. Just stop it.

Get back to your roots, Huff Po. Get back to the interesting and useful publication you used to be, before it’s too late.