When German Chancellor Angela Merkel isn’t bullying Greece into financial ruin or speaking out against same-sex marriage, she’s making young girls cry.

During the Forum for Young People, Merkel took a question from a 14-year-old Palestinian refugee named Reem Sahwi, who asked Merkel to change her hard stance on immigration. “I have goals like everyone else,” said Sahwi, who’s fluent in German. “I want to go to University, that’s a goal I want to achieve.”

Sahwi’s family has been in Germany for four years trying to earn permanent residence. Merkel strongly opposes immigration reform: a stance that could send Sahwi’s family back to Palestine. Despite Sawhi’s pleas, Merkel denied Sahwi’s request. What happened next is despicable.

Merkel said, “Oh come here, you did a great job,” and condescendingly patted the girl on the head. Angered by the gesture, someone said “She’s crying because of her situation, not whether she did well presenting her issues.” Merkel’s cold-hearted response is another portrayal of Merkel’s cold deposition. She doesn’t care because Sahwi’s situation doesn’t affect her.

Watch, and see for yourself.