In Ellis County, Texas, there sits a little town named Maypearl. It’s home to a variety of the sort of folks you’d expect to find in just about any town, and one Police Chief who seems to have a penchant for underage girls.

Police Chief Kevin Coffey is currently under investigation as he faces allegations that he used his office and authority to harass and potentially proposition at least six underage girls.

One of the girls Coffey is alleged to have approached was just 14 when the illicit contact began. She has now turned 16 and told investigators that Coffey’s actions included parking his car outside her home at night and inviting her to come to his office late at night.

One of the messages that Coffey sent the young woman read:

I’ll cuff you and put you on the hood again and smack that ass lol.

Another, accompanied of a picture of a remote location, read:

Had a nice location all picked out to stop you and everything lol.

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