The collective conservative voice has been nearly unanimous in its call to end gun-free zones and open up gun rights. But if conservatives really feel, if the GOP really feels that ending gun-free zones is the way to go, why do they keep guns out of the Capitol? Why don’t they allow guns in their offices?

For well over a hundred years, the Capitol was open to the public at large, without a metal detector or security escorts. So why won’t the Republicans push to have gun restrictions lifted from the Capitol?

Is it because, deep down, they know that restricting gun use in certain instances is the sane thing to do?

The history that brought the current restrictions to the Capitol is one of violence. Numerous shootings and tragedies at the legislature over decades resulted in Congress placing the restrictions we have today on guns and weapons being allowed within the Capitol.

So if Republicans are really that confident that permitting guns will stop tragedies like what happened in Chattanooga this past week, why don’t they start by lifting the restrictions on their own front door?

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