Billionaire Warren Buffett has donated billions of dollars to support the reproductive rights of women, sending Christian conservatives into a tailspin of rage and hatred, reported Addicting Info.

Since 2001, Buffett has donated approximately $1.2 billion to women’s reproductive clinics like Planned Parenthood, much to the dismay of evangelical Republicans. Conservative news outlets lambasted Warren for his good work. “In 2013 alone, Buffett donated $99,809,148 to abortion groups including $62 million to Planned Parenthood,” reported Newsbusters. “The additional $37.7 million to five other pro-abortion organizations. That’s enough money to kill 221,306 babies.”

Planned Parenthood and similar reproductive clinics provide women with a safe and clean environment should they decide to get an abortion. Addicting Info noted that without that option, some women have been desperate enough to resort to dangerous and deadly methods of abortion like ingesting poison and inserting sharp objects into the cervix.

Leave it to conservatives to completely sensationalize the good work of someone trying to make society better for women in a negative light. Buffett cares about the health and well-being of women and wants to foster a society that bolsters women’s rights. Christian conservatives want the exact opposite.