At long last, TLC has canceled the long run of 19 Kids and Counting after it was found that Josh Duggar molested his younger sisters and their friends years ago. It turns out that “Christian values” weren’t enough to save the show.

RawStory reported that 19 Kids and Counting “will no longer appear on the air” as TLC has partnered with two child-protection organizations to raise awareness about child sexual abuse. In partnership with the groups, TLC will show an hour-long documentary next month about the plague of child sexual abuse.

19 Kids and Counting was on the air for 10 seasons and was pulled off the air in May after news broke that Josh Duggar, son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, had sexually molested two younger sisters and other girls who were friends of the family. The show was shelved for two months until this week when TLC announced its official cancellation. Josh Duggar had gotten in trouble for such sexual actions years ago, but no action was taken and Jim Bob gave him a “very stern talk.”

The cancellation echoes the fate of the god-awful show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo when TLC canceled that show after “Mama June” Shannon started dating a molester. Two trash TV shows were canceled for nearly the same reason. It’s really just time to dump trashy reality television altogether.