Jim Bakker, a televangelist, is convinced that the Obama administration’s nuclear arms deal with Iran is a sign of the Second Coming of Jesus and to blame for the drought in California.

While chatting with pastor John Kilpatrick about the End Times, Bakker described how the latest series of tragedies are punishments for abortion, homosexuality, and other sins.

“What God said is that blood itself had a life,” said Kilpatrick to Bakker. “So whenever a doctor aborts a baby and that blood is being flushed down the commode, God hears the voice of that baby going down that commode, saying, ‘Help! Forgive Lord! Forgive them! Forgive my mother!'”

They talked at length about God’s punishment for “breaking covenant” with Israel.

“We’ve been in a covenant with Israel since 1948, we’ve been blessed. We haven’t cursed Israel, we’ve been blessed,” said Kilpatrick.

“We’ve been Israel’s second home!” exclaimed Bakker. “We have been a second Israel. We have been somewhat as a God-blessed nation, a spiritual haven for the Jew. Israel and us are the only ones!”

“We’re breaking covenant,” said Kilpatrick. “But not only are we breaking covenant now, but this law has just come down from the Supreme Court. You’ve got the blood moons coming up… all this stuff is dovetailing and coming together right now.”

“We are not going to be able to talk like this on the air much longer,” Bakker said. “We have broken covenant with Israel and made covenant with Israel’s number one enemy.”