The mainstream Democratic darling Hillary Clinton is starting to slump in the polls. When asked why they no longer supported Hillary, poll respondents said it’s because they don’t trust her and she’s uncompassionate.

In just three months after announcing her candidacy for president, her polling numbers have decreased from 46 percent to 39 percent, according to an AP-GfK poll. “I used to like her, but I don’t trust her,” said former supporter Donald Walters. “Ever since she’s announced her candidacy for the presidency I just haven’t liked the way she’s handled things. She doesn’t answer questions directly.”

Voters’ descriptions of Hillary are not that flattering now either. Only three in 10 voters say Clinton is “honest,” and four in 10 voters describe Clinton as “compassionate.” Clinton’s trick is to remain silent, see what liberal voters like, steal those talking points, and make them her own. Voter Stephanie Bergholdo said that Clinton is “piggybacking” on what Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) say.

Clinton is an average candidate who voters describe as “run-of-the-mill.” She’s no different than the stuffy corporate types on Capitol Hill. If Clinton wins the White House, it will be business as usual in Washington D.C. True change and progress will remain a distant dream.

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