Are the Duggars trying to remove their son from their public presence? That’s the charge being brought up by fans of the Duggars who have seen Josh conspicuously absent from photos at family events.

So if anyone in your family ever gets outed as a pervert, the Duggars seem to be offering a guide for how to deal with the public backlash: hide him.

When the news broke that Josh Duggar had admitted to sexually abusing multiple people, including members of his own family, the Duggar son immediately began to withdraw from society.

He immediately resigned from his job and never reemerged into the public eye, leaving his family to deal with the fallout of his actions.

But the internal reaction has been surprising as Duggar supporters seem to feel that the actions of Josh Duggar are not that vile or worthy of offense, going so far as to implore the family to not “support the haters…”

One Facebook comment on the photo read:

I hope the duggars don’t make a habit of leaving Josh out and this was just the situation of the moment. Don’t remove a relative for fame to support the haters, as you will lose the fans that love you for all your family values.

That’s probably the most accurate statement about the Duggar’s reaction to Josh’s scandal yet. Had it not been for the Duggar’s celebrity, they probably would have never dealt with Josh. They would have swept the scandal under the rug and carried on.

So, if you want to deal with a family perv like the Duggars do: hide him.