Donald Trump’s destruction of the Republican Party is beginning to leak into conservative media. During a segment on Fox News’ The Five, right-wing talking heads Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling nearly came to blows over Trump’s position on immigration, reported RawStory.

Rivera, taking a stance against Trump, accused the billionaire of “exploiting and sensationalizing” the report of a young woman who was in killed San Francisco by an undocumented Mexican immigrant. Rivera’s right; Trump has been exploiting that story to bolster his narrative ever since it broke.

The Five host Eric Bolling interjected and said to Rivera, “from a guy who exploits and sensationalizes everything.” Bolling is also right. Rivera, like Trump, is the worst when it comes to exploitation and sensationalizing content. Bollings comment sent Rivera into a rage. “Are you talking to me?” Rivera said. “You’re lucky that you’re my friend. I’d knock you out right now. That’s absolute BS.” Rivera also accused Bolling of exploiting and sensationalizing content. It turned into a complete mess.

At one point, Rivera even defended President Obama when Bolling called the president a “skinny community organizer.” Rivera responded angrily and told Bolling “that’s disrespectful.” Is Hell freezing over?

Before cutting to an emergency commercial, Bolling and Rivera were in a heated argument like two children. The irony of two Fox News personalities arguing over who’s the biggest exploiter of human misery is almost too much to handle. The GOP is burning. Please, burn faster.