The Dent County Commission in Missouri announced Monday that the county will lower the flags at the Dent County Courthouse and Judicial Building to half-mast. After realizing the absurdity of that decision, county leaders will meet to rescind the order, reported Talking Points Memo.

The Dent County Board of Commissioners is all-Republican and said yesterday that the county would lower the flags at official county buildings for one year to mourn the Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. The county commission will now reverse that decision “out of respect for veterans and those currently serving in the military.”

Before rescinding the order, County Commissioner Darrell Skiles wrote a letter in opposition to “the U.S. high court’s [sic] stamp of approval of what God speaks of as an abomination.” In the height of his irrationality, Skiles added that “all who see these flags at this lowered position [will] be reminded of this despicable Supreme Court travesty.” The Supreme Court’s ruling exposed evangelical conservatives for the dramatic babies that they are.

The ruling prompted countless evangelicals to prophesize the end times complete with plagues, wars, and the Second Coming of Jesus. Essentially, they were all spewing hogwash about something that’s inconsequential to religious belief. It’s been a few weeks and not a single frog has fallen from the sky nor has lighting struck and killed anyone. Everything is fine.

Republicans like the Dent County Commissioners make knee-jerk reactions that ultimately make them look stupid and insane. Same-sex marriage is not the death of America nor does it mean that we’re all becoming a communist country. It’s safe to relax.