War hungry Republicans are the first ones to make the battle cry, but they are usually the ones who duck and dodge when duty calls. Donald Trump is the latest example, reported Addicting Info.

During his appearances in Nevada and Arizona, Trump hyped up a non-existent military prowess when he discussed ISIS. Trump said he’s “the most militaristic man in the room” and that ISIS will be “in such trouble.” Despite Trump’s gung-ho approach to military action, it’s been found that Trump is a draft-dodger.

From 1964 to 1969, Trump received numerous draft requests from the United States government, but he avoided serving each time. He was in college during that time, which was a common way for young hippies who didn’t want to fight to avoid serving. The difference between the hippies and Trump is that hippies still don’t want to wage any wars. Trump does.

Trump is the quintessential wealthy war hawk who doesn’t mind a long, expensive conflict, so long as it’s other people carrying the rifle and getting shot at. Trump would probably see war as another business opportunity anyway.