As American and Iranian officials finally struck a deal regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities, freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said the deal was “dangerous” and allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons, reported Talking Points Memo. Someone needs to suit up this war hawk, give him a rifle, and send him somewhere, anywhere.

“This proposed deal is a terrible, dangerous mistake that’s going to pave the path for Iran to get a nuclear weapon while also giving them tens of billion of dollars of sanctions relief, even lifting the arms embargo at a time when they’re destabilizing the entire Middle East,” said Cotton on Morning Joe. “The American people will repudiate this deal and I believe Congress will kill the deal.”

From day one, Cotton has been trying to obstruct any diplomatic progress made with Iran. He and 47 other Republican senators sent an open letter to Iranian officials saying that Congress will not allow any deal between the White House and Iran. Other than it being transcribed in poorly-written Arabic, Iranian officials lambasted the senators’ poor understanding of their own constitution. The move was a complete embarrassment.

Cotton, a conflict-hungry Iraq War veteran, would love to engage in an another war if he could wage it himself. War and conflict seem to be his ultimate goals, and his nuclear paranoia indicates that. Military action is what Cotton lives for. Give him a BB gun and have him go snipe hunting, for crying out loud.