The following is a quote from the Boston Globe article titled “What’s Hillary Clinton really trying to do with the economy?” written by Evan Horowitz. ROF could not agree more.

How do Clinton’s proposals compare to Bernie Sanders?

On the Democratic side, Clinton’s closest challenger is Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has managed to attract a large, progressive following and whose poll numbers have been slowly ticking up.

On most every issue, Sanders is more truculent and more worker-friendly than Clinton. He doesn’t just call for an increase in the minimum wage but for a real living wage. And where Clinton talks about how to get companies to share their profits with workers, Sanders celebrates worker co-ops, where workers actually own more businesses.

Even if she can’t outflank Sanders, Clinton’s remarks did seem designed to peel off some support. She spent a fair bit of time castigating Wall Street for its obsession with short-term gains as well as some of the execrable scandals of recent years.

What she didn’t do was lay out a plan to address these problems — unlike Sanders, who wants to break up the big financial institutions. But perhaps Clinton is merely hoping to convince anti-Wall Street voters that she shares their concerns and that the issue is at least on her radar.