President Obama’s time in the White House has been a mixed bag of good and bad. Unemployment is down, but public debt is up by 100 percent. More people are getting the federal assistance they need, but corporate profits and CEO salaries have skyrocketed.

Here are a few bullet points created by that highlight some of the biggest ups and downs of Obama’s presidency.

  • The purchasing power of weekly paychecks is up 2.6 percent, despite some recent slippage.
  • The number of people receiving food stamps is 43 percent higher than when Obama was first sworn in, despite recent declines.
  • Home ownership rate has continued to decline, to the lowest point in over a quarter century.
  • U.S. oil production is up 94 percent. Wind and solar power are up 252 percent. U.S. dependency on oil imports is down to the lowest point since the 1970s.
  • The percentage of foreigners who say they approve of the U.S. is up in most countries including France, Britain, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan and even Israel, where it stands at 81 percent of those polled this year. One of the few exceptions is Russia, where U.S. favorability has plunged to 15 percent.

Below is a great chart created by highlighting Obama by the numbers:


President Obama has done a lot of good things during his presidency, but he also has done a lot of bad things. Most recently is his trade agenda. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is designed to kill American jobs, give unbridled power to international corporations, and make the rich even richer. Sure, some jobs returned to America while Obama was president, but his trade agenda will kill those jobs all over again.