The North Carolina Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will hold its Confederate flag rally in Columbia, South Carolina, this Saturday, despite the flag being formally removed last week, reported RawStory. About 100 to 200 hateful rednecks are expected to attend the rally. In order to maintain safety, a temporary weapons ban has been implemented around the South Carolina statehouse grounds. However, KKK representatives are hoping for racist violence.

Local news station WYFF4 reported that “Imperial Kommander” Amanda Lee said she’d have no problem with any violence as long it’s white people killing black people who sell drugs. “The KKK would like to say hail victory to the young warrior in South Carolina, Dylann S. Roof who decided to do what the Bible told him,” said a KKK recorded phone message. “If we had 10,000 more men like this young man, America would not be in the shape that it is in now. Blacks raped 35,000 white women last year. Zero black women were raped by whites.”

When Dylann Roof killed nine black people in Charleston, he proved that racism in America is still alive and just as dangerous. Just as the KKK has also proven, there is an organized movement still intact that’s hell bent on undermining civil rights.

Watch our commentary on how “right-wing hate talk” is hurting our country:

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