Donald Trump has come under fire from the Republican party for being an insane monster. Ted Nugent, a Trump supporter, is angry about the Republicans picking on his poor, billionaire buddy. Now that Trump is the GOP frontrunner, the Establishment has gotten nervous.

The GOP Establishment compared Donald Trump’s public relations disaster to a car accident. “Donald Trump is like watching a roadside accident,” said former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer. “Everyone pulls over to see the mess. And Trump thinks that’s entertainment. But running for president is serious. And the risk for the party is he tarnishes everybody.”

In an op-ed in World Net Daily, Nugent defended the GOP frontrunner with mindless drivel about the federal government, political correctness, and how he thought Republicans aren’t conservative enough. He asserted that Trump, a one percent who’s detached from reality, speaks to the American public. “Trump’s message sings to Americans because he doesn’t play politically correct brain dead game. He calls them like he sees them,” said Nugent.

There’s a dangerous trend in America where the general public will hop on a presidential candidate’s bandwagon because the candidate uses loud and use colorful rhetoric. “Telling like it is” has become the battle cry of loud-mouthed conservatives. No matter how wrong the person speaking is, being loud gets voters’ attention. It shouldn’t be that way.