Robert Jeffress, megachurch pastor and Fox News contributor, said that churches that give asylum to illegal immigrants are following the Jesus of their imagination, not the Jesus of the Bible, during an interview on Fox & Friends.

“Look, a lot of these liberal churches that harbor illegal immigrants, who are criminals, say they are following the example of Jesus. The only problem is they are following the Jesus of their imagination rather than the Jesus of the Bible,” said Jeffress. “Jesus was not this wimpy little guy who walked around munching sunflower seeds and saying nice things to people.”

“The real Jesus of the Bible said, ‘Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,’ that is, obey the government,” said Jeffress.

During the same interview, Dr. Richard Land, Southern Evangelical Seminary President,  argued against Jeffress. “When people show up and they’re hungry, when they’re thirsty, when they need shelter, the cross of Christ says that this is a place where you are going to get a cup of cold water, where you are going to get some shelter, where you are going to get some hot food,” said Land. “And it’s not our job to be asking for green cards before we extend the mercy of Christ.”

Watch the interaction below.