Todd Starnes, a Fox News radio host, seems to have a message for all you good, Christian folk: buy Chick-fil-A. While speaking at the Abilene Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, Starnes presented a warm message to the gathered congregation:

It’s always good to get back below the Mason-Dixon line because I will have to tell you, one of the things they don’t have up in New York City is sweet tea. We came out of the Augusta Airport and within a few moments we saw a Waffle House, and a Cracker Barrel, and, of course, a Chick-fil-A, which is the official chicken of Jesus, according to the Baptist faith and message.

Starnes went on to fuel the gathered people with strong “us vs. them” rhetoric, claiming that he was one of the sort of people that Obama vilifies.

“You guys may remember this,” said Starnes. “He talked about folks who cling to their guns and their religion. Ya’ll remember that? And he said that we were bitter Americans. Well, I got to thinkin’ about that, brothers and sisters, and I’m kind of proud to call myself a gun-totin’, chicken eatin’, bible clingin’, son-of-a-Baptist.”

You can watch the full remarks below.