Lawmakers, including Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate the potential of illegal practices resulting in the “ridiculous prices” Americans pay for cable and internet access.

Along with Senators Ed Markey and Al Franken, the group has sent a letter to the FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler that states an investigation should be opened into the limited options available to consumers and the ridiculous prices and hidden fees the companies charge.

“Many Americans have very few, if any, options when it comes to choosing their local cable and Internet providers,” the letter read. “As the telecommunications industry has become increasingly concentrated, this lack of choice has resulted in huge price increases and often poor services for customers.”

While many welcome the FCC’s investigation into the issue, the FCC has declined to comment on the letter from the Senators.

Beyond that the FCC has indicated that it has little interest in regulating the retail rates of providers.

Following suspicion that the FCC’s recent net neutrality rule revisions would permit the governing authority the power to establish rates as other agencies can do with utilities, the FCC stated that it would not do that.

“Broadband providers will be able to adjust retail rates without Commission approval and without having to wait even a minute,” the FCC has said.