While Republicans are criticizing Pope Francis and trying to marginalize his authority to speak on certain topics, Bernie Sander is embracing the Pope’s message.

During and interview with CBS host John Dickerson, Bernie Sanders expressed solidarity with the pope’s message that “casino-style capitalism is causing devastating problems with out climate.”

“In terms of wealth and income inequality, he talks about all over the world, for example, we are ignoring the needs of senior citizens who often in our country and around the world, are lonely, don’t have the money they need for medicine or to hear their homes or to eat — buy the food that they need to survive,” said Sanders. “He has talked about an issues that I have talked about a lot, and that is young people around the world, in our country today, we have youth unemployment for white kids who graduate high school at 33 percent; Hispanic kids: 36 percent; African-American kids: 51 percent.”