If you know anything about Texas Republican Congressman Louis Gohmert, you know he’s an ignorant hick with rocks in his head. A staunch climate denier, Gohmert compared himself and other climate deniers to the historical astronomer Galileo.

During an appearance on C-SPAN this week, Gohmert said that Pope Francis, who has been strongly addressing climate change lately, was a victim to liberal media bias and that climate deniers have been marginalized like Galileo. “The trouble is that [the Pope] has been persuaded that climate change is something that is dramatically affecting the planet right now, he’s bought in to all this,” Gohmert said. That’s wrong. The Pope “bought in” because there is strong scientific evidence to support climate change’s existence and effect.

Gohmert then addressed the marginalization of climate deniers. He is right about that; climate deniers have been marginalized, but it’s because their reasoning doesn’t fall in line with scientific thinking and deduction. “Since when does science not allow opposing viewpoints?” asked Gohmert. “Well, they didn’t allow Galileo to make an opposing viewpoint.”

Here’s just a quick history lesson. The reason why Galileo was opposed and ousted was because his findings were being suppressed by an overly religious state. Galileo used scientific methods to create his hypotheses, and the church-state didn’t like it because it threatened the church’s “wisdom” and power. Galileo was marginalized by power, idiots like Gohmert are marginalized because they’re idiots.

Gohmert is an oil industry-connected Republican. He’s going to bat for the energy industry because oil and gas companies are the ones most threatened by any changes that could occur to combat climate change. He’s only pandering to campaign dollars and big business. It has nothing to do with science or truth.