Jesse Venture, former Minnesota Governor, took the GOP presidential nominee field to task for their idiotic statements. The former Navy SEAL went toe-to-toe with the backwards views and baseless fears the conservative hive-mind preys upon.

“The more carbon you are putting into the atmosphere, the hotter it’s going to get,” said Ventura. “That is a scientific fact, Ted Cruz. It’s not debatable, it’s science.”

After skewering Cruz, Ventura turned his crosshairs to Ben Carson’s belief that homosexuals make a choice about their attraction.

“It don’t work that way, it’s physical, you are born that way,” said Ventura. “But see, people like Ben Carson can’t get it through their thick heads that people are indeed born that way.

“Anyone that makes a statement like that should not be the president of the United States by any stretch of the imagination.”

Watch the full clip below.