Hollywood celebrity and NRA gun nut Tom Selleck has been accused in a lawsuit of stealing thousands of gallons of water from a public fire hydrant and bringing it to his California ranch. California has been in a major drought for four years.

According to the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, Selleck loaded a tanker truck with water more than a dozen times to use for his 60-acre Westlake Village ranch. A private investigator hired by the Calleguas district says Selleck has been stealing water in this manner for at least two years.

Different areas in California have varying water usage caps as ordered by the California state government. Some must cut water use by 25 percent. Ventura County, where Selleck’s ranch is located, must cut back its use by 36 percent. That mandatory cutback was ordered in 2013.

The district of Calleguas sent several cease-and-desist letters to Selleck, urging him to stop stealing the water. CBS News noted that Selleck’s tanker truck was spotted in March while it was filling up at a fire hydrant. The district’s lawsuit doesn’t detail exactly how much water was taken by Selleck.

Selleck’s audacity and sense of entitlement is unfathomable. As a member on the NRA’s board of directors, Selleck shares company with the likes of Ted Nugent. In that spirit, he believes that the government can’t regulate what he consumes, even when others are going without.