Donald Trump blurts a lot of nonsense about how he’s going to increase jobs and do right by American workers. However, Trump doesn’t treat his current employees well as his 35 companies offer a “stingy” retirement plan.

Bloomberg Politics graded the retirement plan offered by all of Trump’s companies, and they scored quite poorly, 30 out of 100. If one contributes six percent of his or her salary, the Trump empire won’t evenly match it, paying only 4.5 percent. What’s worse, an employee can’t even join the retirement plan unless they’ve been with the company for at least a year.

Perhaps “stingy” is too light of a term. Absolute corporate greed seems more fitting to describe such a terrible retirement plan. Even after one year, your retirement contributions still don’t fully belong to you. Only after six years of employment can a worker claim full ownership of those contributions.

Trump’s empire just recently started matching its employees retirement contributions. In 2011, Trump didn’t match retirement contributions at all. From 2009 to 2012, Trump suspended employee 401(k) contributions entirely.

Trump isn’t a representative of the working American. He’s a greedy one percenter who likely overworks his employees for below-average pay. Meanwhile, he receives all of the benefits and money.