Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is a staunch social conservative who hates same-sex marriage, but his family is more open and disagrees with his position.

In the past, Walker has supported “religious freedom” laws, which are laws actually designed to discriminate against the LGBT community. When the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, Gov. Walker added to the anti-gay rhetoric and fervor, saying the ruling is a “grave mistake.”

In response to Walker’s outspoken opinions on marriage equality, his wife Tonnette stated: “That was a hard one. . . . Our sons were disappointed. . . . I was torn. I have children who are very passionate [in favor of same-sex marriage], and Scott was on his side very passionate.”

Tonette noted her close relationship with a lesbian cousin. “It’s hard for me because I have a cousin who I love dearly – she is like a sister to me – who is married to a woman, her partner of 18 years,” said Mrs. Walker.

Whether Gov. Walker accepts it or not, the world is changing and same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. As society progresses, anti-gay bigots like Walker will get left behind where they belong.