When major pharmaceutical companies run out of things to sell you for the problems and ailments that plague you, they’ll cook something new up. That’s the latest strategy being employed by some of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations responsible for the production and marketing of a swath of testosterone products.

Through slick strategic marketing these products are used to target men who are just starting to feel the natural effects of aging with the promise that testosterone will cure what ails them. Decreased libido, sluggishness, poor sleep – all natural byproducts of aging – become symptoms of a phantom disease in the hands of these corporations.

“The creation of a disease to sell a drug is shameful and shouldn’t be tolerated in this country,” says attorney Brandon Bogle of Levin, Papantonio’s Testosterone Lawsuit Department.

Hypogonadism, the disease testosterone is meant to treat, is a very rare disorder that comes from a very short list of causes, but that doesn’t stop these companies from trying to convince these men that they need testosterone to treat low testosterone levels due to the natural aging process, rather than hypogonadism.

The FDA warns that testosterone therapies carry an increased risk of blood clots and other cardiovascular complications. These risks are especially worrisome for older men who may be suffering from health issues in addition to this.

Not to let the health and wellbeing of their customers deter them from profits, companies making these therapies continue to promote them to these men as a supposed cure for the natural effects of aging. Profits from these therapies have routinely been well into the billions of dollars for the past several years.