Ever since the Charleston shootings, the Ku Klux Klan has engaged various forms of community outreach to soften its image. The latest attempt is to hold a family-friendly cross burning in Harrison, Arkansas, reported RawStory.

During its “National Congress,” the Knights Party in Harrison will schedule family events like a bonfire, ping pong, foosball, dancing, a weenie roast, and end the festivities with a good ol’ KKK-style cross burning. The Knights Party’s website asks that attendees dress in business casual attire. The group encourages parents to bring their children for some early indoctrination.

“Your children are the target!” reads the Knights Party’s website. “Those that hate our heritage and faith have targeted America’s children. Schools are indoctrination centers for homosexuals and race-mixers. Even our churches aren’t safe. Television is full of filth.”

To further create a “family” atmosphere, the KKK will have nurseries for the younger children.

“If you have children still living at home we urge you not to neglect this important opportunity to help prepare your children,” said the Knights Party. “We will have a wonderful program to help entertain as well as teach them old time values of our forefathers.”

The Knights Party is the same group that will host a KKK summer camp to help create “leaders” in the fight for white supremacy and dominance. The camp will allow kids as young as 16-years-old to enroll into the camp.

The Knights Party’s effort to indoctrinate America’s white youth with hateful ideologies has worsened ever since the Charleston shootings. It’s an ideology that belongs in the past, along with the Confederate flag. Groups like the Knights Party impede upon America’s progression.