Jeb Bush wants to be the most transparent presidential candidate in history, at least when it comes to his financial history. Yet, despite all of his pomp, Jeb may be hiding huge secrets about his time spent with Lehman Brothers.

To encourage spectators to think that he is being abundantly transparent, Bush has released 33 years of tax records. Yet, despite all those years of records, it appears that he is not releasing details of the time he spent working as an “adviser” to the Lehman Brothers, reports The Daily Beast.

According to The Daily Beast:

Not much is known about what Bush actually did for Lehman–the firm that went belly-up in 2008 and sparked the wider financial crisis, and Barclays, the bank that purchased Lehman out of bankruptcy and continues to work out of its midtown Manhattan headquarters. He began working for the former after his term as Florida governor ended in 2007, and continued working for the latter until the end of 2014, when he decided to run for president.

It seems that Bush predicted that critics would note the gap in his records and he tried to address it by explaining his time there in a statement that accompanied the release.

“I also was hired as a senior advisor to Barclays where I advised their clients on a wide range of global economic issues with a mind towards navigating government policies,” he wrote.

That sort of obfuscation doesn’t make for the ‘most transparent’ candidate ever. Not at all.