Donald Trump’s crazy antics have cost him several business connections, and it’s been amazing. At this point, it’s difficult to foresee who would actually endorse Trump. White supremacy groups are  that’s who, reported Addicting Info.

Univision, NBC, and Macy’s have completely washed their hands of Trump because of his bigoted and prejudiced tirade against Mexico and Mexican immigrants. In short, Trump said Mexican immigrants are rapists and do not contribute to American society. Even after the fallout of Trump’s remarks, he’s stood by them and refused to apologize.

Trump’s stance on Mexico has won him the support and adoration of several white supremacist groups. Andres Anglin of the neo-Nazi blog site The Daily Stormer endorsed Trump.

“He is absolutely the only candidate who is even talking about anything at all that matters,” said Anglin of Trump. He is “willing to call them out as criminal rapists, murderers and drug dealers.”

Kyle Rogers of the Council of Conservative Citizens also supports Trump. The Council of Conservative Citizens is the group that radicalized and inspired the Charleston shooter, Dylann Roof. Addicting Info noted that Rogers deleted his Twitter account shortly after Roof shot nine innocent people.

Here’s a screenshot of Rogers’ Twitter page.

Trump deserves the terrible company he’s winning with his outlandish and hateful rhetoric. All of Trump’s business connections are deserting him, and he’s being left with far-right radicals. Hopefully, these associations will snuff Trump’s campaign a little sooner.