Conservative nutjob Michael Weiner, a.k.a. Michael Savage, criticized the Supreme Court over its ruling on same-sex marriage. Like other angry conservatives, Savage Weiner resorted to over-the-top rhetoric and fear-mongering, reported Right Wing Watch.

“We’re back in the Soviet Union now,” said Savage Weiner. “Gays will cheer. As they start throwing pastors in prison, you’ll see who’ll cheer them. Next we’ll get the arena and the lions, get the arena and the lions and bring them in from Tunisia. . . . I feel like I’m being punched left and right from the Supreme Court today, I’ve never saw [sic] anything like this in my life.”

Savage Weiner is on the far reaches of the conservative fringe. He makes Bill O’Reilly look like an 18th century town crier.