That group of slack-jawed hicks better known as the Ku Klux Klan has created its own backwoods rendition of the Hitler Youth, reported RawStory. It’s basically a racist summer camp for people to learn leadership skills on how to hate people with skin pigments.

Kids as young as 16-years-old can enroll in this summer camp of bigotry.

Thomas Robb is the founder and head instructor of the Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute (SCTI) and will hold the “camp” on July 20-25 near Harrison, Arkansas. According to its website, “The primary focus of this school is to train future leaders who can return to their communities with the tools to become actively involved in this struggle for our racial redemption.”

Arts and crafts will take place in between the courses on church burning and advanced flag-waving.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) noted that Robb has been the KKK’s “national director” since the 80s. Robb once tried to rebrand the KKK as the “Knights Party” in order to create more mainstream appeal. It didn’t work, obviously.

Very much in the tradition of right-wing extremism, the SCTI uses fear and vitriol to rouse support. “Never before in the history of our people have we faced a challenge so threatening,” said the SCTI’s website. White people “are facing genocide.”

After five days of intensive learning about hate-mongering and false history, “students” who complete the camp will receive a certificate of completion, something much similar to what kindergartners receive at the end of the year. It likely will be the first graduation certificate of any kind earned by the attendees.