Jeb Bush has paid an income tax rate of 36 percent for the past thirty years, CBS News reports. This comes from numbers that Jeb has self reported this week. It also shows that he has paid a tax rate higher than that of one of his Democratic counterparts, Hillary Clinton.

Accoring to Bush, Hillary Clinton has paid a 30 percent tax rate while he is paying some six percent greater.

“I have paid a higher tax rate than the Clintons even though I earned less income,” Bush said on his website.

That’s not to say that Bush isn’t a wealthy man. Bush claimed that he made $7.4 million in 2013. He did this by way of consulting and speaking engagements. What it really highlights is how wealthy Hillary Clinton is.

The self reported numbers will come under more scrutiny when Bush files a more thorough disclosure at a later date.

Presidential financial disclosures have become customary in American politics. To his credit, Jeb Bush has released more income information that Clinton has.

It’s clear that Bush is trying to step away from competing with other Republicans and wants to turn the race into a one-on-one between him and Clinton.

“What Bush reports having made is likely much less than what Hillary Clinton has made, and she’s portraying herself as for the little guy,” Ron Weiser, former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee told CBS.