Wisconsin Representative Glenn Grothman (R) claims that the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality is an insult to Christians who died during the Civil War.

Grothman made the state during an interview on Milwaukee radio with host Vicki McKenna. He said that American fought a “strong religious war to further a Christian lifestyle by getting rid of slavery.”

“Our president during the Civil War was, of course, Abraham Lincoln, who was known as the most biblical of presidents – somebody who quoted the Bible a lot,” he said.

“In the Civil War, some 600,000 people died in a country that was much less populated than that today, and it was a much more religious country,” Grothman said. “I think a lot of people who died fighting in that war felt they died fighting for a religious cause – you know, ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ and all that.”

“I think it would shock those people who died in that war to find out the constitutional amendment which was ratified kind of as a culmination of their great efforts and their great deaths would be, 150 years later, a little less than 150 years later, used by these five robed, arrogant, robed people to take this constitutional amendment and say that that constitutional amendment that was drafted after the Civil War was in fact an amendment designed to say that same-sex marriage had to be legal,” said Grothman.

You can listen to the interview below via Right Wing Watch.