They’re both liars. But it’s not everyday that you get to watch both Ted Cruz and Karl Rove, two deep-in-the-trenches Republicans, call each other liars and try to lambaste the other into oblivion.

What are they fighting about? Well, it’s an ages old tale of he-said, he-said.

You see, back around 2009, George H. W. Bush endorsed Ted Cruz. At the time, Karl Rove asked that Cruz not make too much of the nomination in a phone call, as it would complicate fundraising efforts for Bush 43’s presidential library.

But Rove contradicts Cruz’s account of the events in a recent Medium post:

My recollection… differs from his reported account.

According to Rove, the phone call was not about having him downplay the endorsement. Rove contends that the phone call was about letting Cruz know that Attorney General Greg Abbot had not made a decision about whether to seek reelection.

Cruz says that Rove’s remembering of the events was “a straight-out falsehood” and posted an email between him and Rove to back up his side of the story.

ROVE EMAIL TO CRUZ, JULY 1, 2009: thanks – I appreciate you doing what you can to keep this down – the distress you mention is not mine or 43 – it is the people raising money for the library who are also Branch fans and will not understand why one part of the Bush family is for not-the-guy while they are raising money big bucks for library.

Thanks too for clarifying that you asked to visit with 41; be as nonchalant as possible about the gift and we’ll muddle through

Don’t you love to watch Republicans tear each other apart with their own lies?