Fox News contributor and insane fundamentalist Christian Todd Starnes addressed the Faith and Freedom Conference on Saturday to signal the oncoming culture war, reported Right Wing Watch. To fight this war, Starnes called upon God to deliver a plague of hornets and bugs to attack the president.

Starnes said he was “sound[ing] a warning, an alarm” and says that “the American way of life is under attack” from an “active and aggressive war on religious liberty.” According to Starnes, the only group threatened by this are the Christians. When the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was constitutional, conservative Christians went into panic mode.

“This is not just about marriage; this is about whether or not a government can begin to put limitations on the conscience and the convictions of people of faith,” said Starnes. “[Christians face] considerable adversity, . . . our businesses, and our families, and our churches are in jeopardy.”

Citing the book of Exodus, Starnes uses the tale of how God supported the Israelites with hornets to “clear the battlefield” for their army.

When the public schools tell students that our Founding Fathers were a bunch of terrorists: Send the hornets, Lord! Clear the field! When a teacher tells a little boy he can’t pray over his meal: Send the hornets, Lord! Clear that field! When the Pentagon tells them to take down a cross on a Christian chapel: Send those hornets! Clear the field! When the Supreme Court says they know better than God: Send the hornets, Lord! Clear the field!

And, when the president says that America is no longer just a Christian nation: Don’t send the hornets, Lord. Send the mosquitoes and the gnats, and the bumblebees and the lightning bugs and the cicadas! Send every critter you got, Lord! Clear the field!”

This is a huge stroke of desperation and insanity on part of Starnes and the conservative Christians. They believe that because gay marriage is now the law of the land, that the world will crumble and Christians will begin a long season of persecution and suffering. This is incorrect. Everything is basically the same, except that gay people can legally marry. There’s nothing to panic about.